Living Love

Core Workshop 2: Living Love

Living Love is about strengthening attendees’ ability to let go of the wrecking balls holding them back and replacing the new open space in their hearts with habits that reflect the love they truly need. When we reflect the love we need, we also attract it.

This workshop introduces tools to bring your three definitions of love into harmony (see Definition of Love) and the love you need into reality. Topics include how to remove our preconditioned barriers to love, how to learn and live the love we want in our lives, and how to communicate what you need from love to your potential partner. The workshop also covers how to better identify and filter out those potential partners that may lead you to failed relationships.

This workshop is for you if:

  • Know what you need from love and are unsure how to bring that love to life
  • You struggle connecting to love in your daily life or struggle to keep the loving relationships you have
  • You feel life seems to pass you by without much opportunity for love
  • You have completed The Definition of Love workshop and are ready to start living the love you defined

Please note this workshop is about love attitudes and behaviors, and not about finding dates or how to behave on a date.

Price includes all workbooks, workshop exercises, and supplies.

Upcoming Dates & Times:
Fall workshop schedule will be posted soon!

Event Room
1231 S Wabash Ave (One Block from Roosevelt CTA stop)
Enter through the Dunkin’ Donuts

2.5 hours; In person

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Refund/ Cancellation Policy:

All workshop participants have a 7 day money-back guarantee.

Cancellations and transfers may be made up until 5:00p CT the day before the workshop. No cancellations or refunds will be made after the deadline or for missed sessions.