About the Creator

From the Creator of Bridge to Love, Acacia Mary

Picture of creator Acacia Mary lying on a hammock

Hello! I am excited you are here with us at Bridge to Love.

You may think there is so much noise out there about finding love that it is hard to navigate and succeed. I know. I’ve been there. But love is simple. Truly.

Love is for everyone and is meant to be achievable by anyone. It is at the core of who we are as humans, yet we make love harder than it’s supposed to be. We assume because our careers, financial security, and other things we strive for in life are difficult to achieve, something as important as love must also be just as out of reach. But it’s not.

I created Bridge to Love to help others identify and address the root causes holding them back from the love they crave. I thought I knew what I wanted from love, but what I wanted didn’t match what I needed. I also didn’t grow up with a model on how to have a loving relationship. Most advice out there focused on my insecurities and drive for perfection, or was based on mimicking someone else’s success story. I wanted to live my dream love, not a second rate version of someone else’s.

I did the trial and error approach to love looking to learn what went wrong after each failed relationship, and deep down I hoped I’d just get lucky and find my true match. It started to wear on me and I began wondering if I was cut out for marriage or life long relationships. I really wanted to know what it felt like to be truly loved. I had never had that fulfilling feeling before.

So I asked myself, ‘what does it mean to be truly loved?’

I didn’t know how to define love; I could only sense the freedom and happiness that I wanted to feel. I was determined to find that uplifting feeling and have the successful relationships others had.

Like the good lawyer I was, I researched, analyzed and used my problem solving skills to find a resolution. After years of research and practice, what I  discovered was that love is meant to be easy. We are all meant to feel fulfilling love in our lives, yet we make it seem as if we need the luck of winning the lottery to achieve it. Nothing I could say, wear, or do on a date would result in a life-long relationship. The answer was to define what love meant to me, remove my personal wrecking balls, and realign myself to attract and keep the love I wanted.  Once I knew what I really wanted, I was able to go get it!

I put these new steps into action and found the love of my life in two months.  I have never looked back.

Now I help others bypass the time and confusion I went through and get to the love they crave faster. I look forward to helping you live the love you need, and invite you to join me at an upcoming workshop.

– Acacia Mary, J.D.
Professional Member of the American Counseling Association