The Program

The Program

How can we find the love our life if we can’t define what we need from love? How can we build a love that can last a lifetime if we don’t know what unconditional love means? The Definition of Love workshop is about answering these questions so you can choose and build a fulfilling love for your life.

Bridge to Love is based on a 5-step approach that is unique in three critical ways:

1. The program gets to the root causes of relationship failures: a disconnect from our love values and the inability to connect to and communicate what we really need from love.

2. Most relationship advice focuses on a singular definition of love, yet there is no consensus on what that definition is. Bridge to Love was based on the unique conclusion that we all live three types of love: 1. the love we have learned; 2. the love we live in our daily lives; and 3. the love we need and crave. When these definitions are out of sync we struggle with love internally and in our relationships. Bridge to Love is designed to see you as a wholistic person who has different needs and experiences with love than everyone else.

3. Bridge To Love is not about mimicking someone else’s successful love story or little tricks to hide your true self. It is about you and identifying your core values about love and what it takes to get you from the love you have learned to the love you need.

Thankfully, it is never too late to live love. We just need to know where we are with love and where we want to be. Everything else can be learned.

The 5 Steps:

Step 1: Identify the Love You Want

Start your bridge by identifying and defining the love you want to have in your life. Not everyone’s ideal love is the same. We each have different needs and wants. Step 1 is about identifying the kind of love you truly desire so you can build the bridge that will get you there.

Step 2: Identify the Love You Know

Getting to the ideal love you defined in Step 1 requires knowing how love has been defined in your life thus far. Step 2 awakens an understanding of the differences between the love you know and your ideal love.

Step 3: Cross the Bridge

The most developmental phase of the Bridge to Love program, Step 3 removes barriers that have been holding you back from experiencing the love you desire, and replaces those barriers with a positive foundation for success.

Step 4: Bring the Dream to Life

It is time to transform your dream love into reality!  Step 4 includes the tools to develop and start experiencing the love you desire.

Step 5: Living the Dream

In this final step, ring your ideal love into a love that can last a lifetime. Step 5 provides practical steps to nourish and protect your ideal love and build it into a lasting relationship.


The Definition of Love workshop helps attendees identify their three definitions of love, the love learned, the love being lived, and the love they need, and then identifies the strengths and weaknesses of their definition’s continuity so they can turn those weaknesses into opportunities. The workshop addresses the questions where you are with love and where you want to be, then ends with an introduction on how to start transitioning your life to the love you want to live.

Living Love
is about ‘out with the old and in with the new.’ Living the love we crave requires letting go of some of the bad habits we’ve subconsciously learned over the years and replacing those habits with happier healthier ones. This workshop is about bringing the three definitions of love into harmony. This workshop discusses the common pitfalls to living fulfilling love, helps identify red flags for individuals as they learn love, and then strengthens attendees’ toolbox of resources for a more successful transition to the love they want.

All of our workshops come with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

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