Frequently Asked Questions

What does the program do?

This program is for individuals looking to understand what unconditional love is and experience a different kind of love than what they have been experiencing in their life. The Bridge to Love Program is designed to help individuals move away from the unfulfilling definition of love they learned early in life, to living the love they have been craving.

What this program is not.

This program is not a relationship counselor and is not designed to be completed with another person. Bridge to Love is not about dating tips or how to talk to the opposite sex.

Who can benefit from the program?

Bridge to Love is designed for individuals looking for a love they have not yet experienced in their life. The program will help individuals who are single, divorced, widowed, or are in the early stages of a relationship come to know and understand how to get the lasting love they crave.

Can I complete the program if I have never been in a romantic relationship before?

Love comes in many forms including love between friends, family, or romantic love. Often, the definition of love we carry throughout our lives is the kind of love we learned early in life before we started our search for romantic love. If you have had any relationship during your life, positive or negative, you can complete this program.

Will the Bridge to Love program work for LGBTQ individuals?

Everyone is deserving of real fulfilling love. The Bridge to Love program is about getting the ideal love you define for yourself.

How long will it take to complete the program?

Relationships can last a lifetime and they require work to thrive. The tools in the program are designed to help you develop and keep your fulfilling definition of love.  We hope you will refer back to your resources as you may need them throughout your relationship.

The program consists of two core workshops, The Definition of Love, and Living Love. Each workshop is 2.5-3 hours in duration and will include some at-home exercises to assist attendees in incorporating the lessons learned into their lives outside of the workshop. Attendees may choose to dive in and apply the lessons into their lives immediately, or chose to incorporate them into their lives gradually.

Do I need any supplies or resources?

The courage to be honest and patience with yourself is all you will need to complete the program. All other supplies will be provided at the workshops.

How will you use my information?

Bridge to Love uses only trusted third party sites to process your payment information. We do not receive any of your personal information other than your email which we will use to follow up with you and ensure you are benefiting from the program. We will never sell your information.

Do you have a cancelation and refund policy?

If you attended a workshop:
We are confident that workshop attendees will enjoy their experience and gain the insight they need to live unconditional love that we give all attendees a 7-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. Just email us at questions@bridgetolove.net.

If you are looking to cancel or exchange your purchased tickets prior to the workshop date:
Purchased tickets may be cancelled or exchanged up until 5:00p CST the day before the scheduled workshop date by emailing us at questions@bridgetolove.net. You may change your workshop date only once. Due to limited space at our workshops, we are unable to give refunds for any missed sessions or changes not made prior to the deadline.

If Bridge to Love cancels:
Should Bridge to Love ever need to cancel a workshop for any reason we will definitely refund your money.

Who created the Bridge to Love program?

Bridge to Love was created by Acacia Mary, a former lawyer from Chicago, IL who was fed up with having her heart broken so she could learn “what went wrong” after each failed relationship. Acacia chose to apply her legal problem solving and analysis skills to her search for real love and the outcome was amazing- unconditional love in a way she had never realized.

Now, Acacia enjoys helping others get to the love they desire. To learn more about the creator, check out our About the Creator page.