Welcome to Bridge to Love!

Bridge to Love is a new approach to living your dream love where you will ditch the notion that love is trial and error and replace it with identifying the love you truly want, and build a bridge directly to it. Based on years of research and experience, Bridge to Love is now available to the public!

No need to travel to a weekend-long retreat or share your feelings with strangers. Bridge to Love consists of individual exercises offered in our workshop sessions that you can schedule when convenient for you.

Unlike other love programs that show you what has worked for someone else and help you mimic another’s path, Bridge to Love is about helping you define what love is for you, identify what you need from love, and create a simpler path to it.

The definition of love is different for everyone. We believe that everyone lives three types of love: 1. the love they have learned; 2. the love they live; and 3. the love they need and crave. When these three definitions are out of sync, we struggle with love both internally and in our relationships.

The program is broken down into two simple workshops that will help you identify your definition of love, remove the wrecking balls that have been holding you back from success, and cross the bridge to unconditional love as you build it.

By reducing the unnecessary heartbreak and time spent learning ‘what went wrong,’ you can live a happier life focusing on the kind of love you truly desire- unconditional love.

To help spread the news about our new program we are offering our first two Beta sessions at the discounted rate of $15!

Check out our upcoming event  schedule and start building your Bridge to Love today. All workshops come with a 7-day money-back guarantee.